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Pimero 2009 R6

Pimero 2009 R6
Pimero 2009 R6英文正式版 (約會記錄和日程管理工具軟體)

Your new Personal Information Manager
Pimero 2009 enables you to manage your appointments,
contacts, tasks emails and notes.
This handy software will soon become a natural part of your
daily organisation and team structure.
Besides lots of functions for private organisation of daily
work, Pimero offers a rich set of team features. With
minimal efforts you are able to work together with your team
members and rise the production level of your company
Every team member owns a personal calendar for personal data
such as appointments, tasks or contacts. If your team member
has the right to access your calendar, he simply add it in
his view by activating the calendar beside your name in the
team members list.
Additionally he can add, change or delete appointments,
tasks etc. for you. For instance: A secretary can enter
appointments for her boss. Project managers can set up tasks
for several team members etc.
You see: There are lots of possible situations where Pimero
will help you organize and structure your data.
Further features:
* Automatic reminders
* Dynamic display of individual days and time spans
* National holidays
* Search- and Filter function
* Zoom
* Easy Printing of days, weeks or months
* Support for Drag & Drop

Teamwork with Pimero 2009
The multi user capabilities of Pimero make it the perfect
groupware. Find free appointment time for several users,
decide who is able to look at someone others scheduler.
Private entries help to protect your privacy.
More information about team functions

Pimero's contact manager offers more than 30 fields for user
data storage. If you don't need all fields, just fade them
out from the view. Every view has high level sort-, filter,
and grouping functions. The table layout can be adapted to
your personal needs.
Further contact features are:
* Table and Business Card Layout
* Easy search
* Lots of predefined print templates
* Send email or initiate a phone call with just one click
* Unlimited phone number storage
Let Pimero manage your tasks and memos. Never forget
important tasks again by sorting your tasks according to
priority. Set deadlines - the automatic reminder function
informs you when the time allotted for completion of the
task is running low.
Create meetings and tasks for all team members or just for a
few selected. Individual read and write permissions for
entries ensure that only team members authorised can see or
change your schedule

Send and receive emails with the integrated email client.
You don't need to use any separate email tool anymore!
The Pimero Mail Module has two different display modes:
horizontal and vertical. You can switch between these two
views with just a single click.
Create contacts directly from a email signature
Highlight a signature in an email and do a right click on
it. From the upcomming context menu choose "Create Pimero
Contact". Pimero is smart enough to auto fill all contact
fields from the signature text.
There's no easier and faster way to add a new contact to
your contact list!

The QuickView offers you easy and fast access to all your
data. The small, dockable window presents you a list of
upcomming appointments and tasks. Further it lets you access
your, contacts and notes.
Create, edit or delete items using the Pimero QuickView! A
view switch button enables you to switch to the Pimero main
window and back to the QuickView with just one single click.
Automatic Synchronization
Pimero matches your appointments with all the other team
members automatically as a background task. No additional
software or hardware is required.
Additionally you can setup Pimero as a server, so that e.g.
foreign personnel can connect to your network and share
information with you.
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